Unemployment in Pennsylvania

Furloughed federal workers who apply for unemployment in Pennsylvania, take note:

Pennsylvania has a requirement that you must actively seek employment while collecting unemployment compensation. When I asked whether that applies to us--because we are technically still employed even though we do not have a definite recall date--I was told that yes, it does.

If you think it does not make sense to require furloughed employees to join a job search database and record their job application process, when we expect to be recalled to federal employment at any time (and when we need our federal employer's approval to accept any other job offers), you are not alone. Yet an exemption to the job-search requirement in the short term seems to be something that could only happen at the level of Governor Corbett ... if the governor has that authority (which is not clear at the moment).

The word is also that employees who are still working are not eligible for unemployment, even if they are not being paid.
If you have difficulties with navigating the unemployment process, your state representative or state senator may be able to provide additional assistance. As always, we will continue to share general information that we find here.