What federal workers have already given

In the running of this government and in budget negotiations, there has been talk of "shared sacrifice" and "compromise." Here is what has already been taken from federal workers in recent years:
Three years, and counting, of pay freezes;
New employees required to contribute more toward their retirement;
Payment into federal retirement funds suspended as part of the "extraordinary measures" used by Treasury Secretary Lew to keep the government operating even after the debt ceiling was hit in May 2013;
Continual scrambling to operate a government that has been funded only by short-term continuing resolutions;
Enforced leave without pay ("furloughs") at many agencies due to sequestration;
Workers required to do more work with fewer resources due to sequestration;
Workers locked out of their jobs on October 1; other workers forced to keep working but with no knowledge of when they will be paid for that work;
Constant threats that more benefits will be lost.

Federal workers are now waiting for others to compromise and share in the sacrifice.