There's a special Senate election in New Jersey today (Wed. 10/16); all NJ residents should be sure to vote. There's also a picket in Philadelphia today, on People's Plaza (southeast corner of 5th and Market) at noon. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Congress, where a deal is in the works to possibly end the shutdown and avert a government default. Stay tuned throughout the day; if the deal passes, EPA employees could be back to work as early as tomorrow. However, all EPA travel has been canceled through 10/20; employees were instructed to cancel any reservations they'd made outside GovTrip.
If no deal passes today, we will be in uncharted territory, according to Treasury Secretary Lew, who gave Oct. 17 as the day that the "extraordinary measures" he's been using to avoid hitting the debt ceiling will reach the end of their usefulness. Those measures have kept the government running since we technically reached the debt limit in May. One of those "extraordinary measures" was the suspension of investment in federal retirement funds; i.e., our retirement money. You're welcome, USA.